Knock Knock – Is Anyone Still Out There? Stilettos with some sassy calling

It’s been awhile since I’ve opened my red digital door to speak with everyone. Everyone? I mean anyone. In the past you knew me as the Sassy Stiletto Mommy. Brace yourselves, forI have returned to reclaim that title and all it implies. Back then, I used this platform to tell extremely funny stories, share my desire to have a family, and dish on musings about my husband. Occasionally, this blog acted as a sounding board as a space to release my struggles and heal the intense pain around my infertility. My infertility did take a step back and we had Max. For that I am ever grateful. As I step back on board, I plan to use this space almost exclusively in another healing process. This one will be more like a journey spanning eight years — past to present. The past 8 years of my life have been exquisitely beautiful and also excruciatingly painful. I have devoted my life to my beautiful family along with my husband, whom I adore beyond words, but I lost myself and my interior joy in the process. This is not a shock to those in my very intimate circle. My husband understands that

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